DO you have to factory reset the console in order for this?

You just plug in your USB with the files and it’ll automatically install everything. If you want to uninstall don’t factory reset. Just uninstall using the folder/files provided.

Who Are We?

www.xbox-one-mod.com is a team of developers that work together to make it easy for the average consumer to enhance their gaming experience by Jailbreaking , Modding , or Hacking their XBOX One. We have accomplished our goal and have now made it easy for anybody to mod their XBOX One to make it faster, to get free games, and download mods for their games. We don’t charge for our services and we are proud to be able to give to the public for free! However, developing these mods and hacks, making them faster, better, and more advanced isn’t free… Which leads to our next frequently asked question.

Why do I have to fill out a survey to download?

We require our users to fill out an easy 1 minute survey because it allows us to provide you with all our jailbreaks, hacks and mods for free! The average company would charge $20+ but we give our services for free because the surveys our users fill out give us a little bit of income to continue upgrading and developing our mods so they can be better, faster and more efficient!
So thank you for taking the time to fill out the surveys before you download and we hope that we’ve made a difference in your gaming experience! :)

Is this safe to use?

Yes! Most people’s biggest concern is… whether our hacks and jailbreaks are safe. Safety is our #1 priority. We ensure that everything is tested and working before it is released. This ensures that your XBOX One will never be in danger. We also encrypt all our mods so that Microsoft cannot detect them on your XBOX One. What good would our services be if they weren’t safe? So Yes! It is 100% safe.

Can I undo anything I do to my XBOX One?

Yes you can. Any of our hacks, mods, or jailbreaks that you install on your XBOX One can be uninstalled. It is extremely easy to install and uninstall our programs because we want you to spend your time gaming and not figuring out how to easy these mod and hack thingys!

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  1. wes deacon says:

    Hey guys it seems that when i click on the links for the download the page is down ? will it be fixed ?

  2. Cleta says:

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  3. Dante says:

    how to download download?

  4. uaraneWhit says:

    My Xbox One got Jailbroken ,,, Wow .. Thanks,… Now i will download Paid game for free

  5. Mathew says:

    Tried downloading from survey and complete download.. Thanks

  6. Giovanni Volante says:

    I get a mod

  7. jawad says:

    I can’t understand about it. Please help me know about this software.

  8. Ashraf Farrah says:

    “No offers are available for your country”, please help how can I download the file or if you can send me another link by email, with many thanks in advance.


  9. Dean says:

    This site is love 🙂

  10. Enrique says:

    can’t find the download link please help

  11. victor says:

    help meeee i dont anything please

  12. Dxrnon says:

    i go through a series of surveys and am never able to successfully download it. help pls

  13. Dxrnon says:

    The Silver, Gold, and Plat rewards.. i got it

  14. Joshua says:

    Hi, I’ve done various amounts of surveys and still can’t unlock the download link. Are you able to email the link to me instead??

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